The Development of the Movement to Regulate "YUUGAI comics"

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  • 「有害コミック」規制運動の展開
  • ユウガイ コミック キセイ ウンドウ ノ テンカイ

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1. Aim The purpose of this paper is to study how a kind of comics called "YUUGAI (harmful) comics" became the social problem, and how petitions which ask for the revision of the Tokyo prefectural ordinance were presented to the assemblies. 2. Methods We investigated them by two methods. First, we collected the petitions presented to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly or to the 23 ward assemblies. We analized them: by whom, when, how were they presented? A tatol of 156 petitions were collected. The main groups which represented the petitions were CHOUNAIKAI (neighborhood associations), SEISHOUNEN'IINKAI (juvenile committee), women's groups, PTAs, and volunteer probation officers. Second, we interviewed the representatives of the petitioners. A sample of 32 persons were interviewed. We asked them their knowledge and opinons about "YUUGAI comics," and how they presented their petitions. 3. Findings (1) Only three types of compositions were found among these petitions. These were not written independently but copied from one another. And we suppose the original composition was the notification given by the Liberal Democratic Party. (2) The movements were developed not on their own initiatives. They were asked to petition by the other groups concerned. Most of them were police and the organs concerned. So, we conclude that the "YUUGAI comics" problem was developed through the network of police, neighborhood associations, PTAs, and so on. The petitions for the revision of the ordinance were directed by police and the organs concerned.


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