A Study on the Student's Learning Dynamics across the boundary between in-class study and out-of-class activity : From the Interviews to Students Participating in WAVOC Projects

  • KAWAI Toru
    Graduate School, Kyoto University:Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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  • 授業と授業外をつなぐ学生の学習ダイナミクスの研究 : WAVOCプロジェクト参加学生へのインタビュー調査の分析から
  • ジュギョウ ト ジュギョウ ガイ オ ツナグ ガクセイ ノ ガクシュウ ダイナミクス ノ ケンキュウ : WAVOC プロジェクト サンカ ガクセイ エ ノ インタビュー チョウサ ノ ブンセキ カラ

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The purpose of this article was to examine student's learning dynamics, in that what relationship college students organized between in-class study and out-of-class activity and learning. This research targeted the students who participated in the volunteer activity that was provided by the Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Centre at Waseda University (WAVOC). The characteristics of WAVOC educational practice were the emphasis on field study, interaction with various actors, and the multi-level supports by WAVOC staff. I interviewed with WAVOC 11 students in terms of the meaning of WAVOC project, relationship between WAVOC project and in-class study, and mutual influences. I analyzed the category classification from the interview. As a result, I found learning dynamics that WAVOC students learned involving the WAVOC project activity and bridged from WAVOC project community of practice to in-class study and vice versa. And I found it that in this learning bridging WAVOC students organized the mutual relationship between in-class study and out-of-class activity and learning which they brought in and out knowledge, experience, reflection, and so on. Also I found that this leaning dynamics was supported by WAVOC staff that facilitated students in activity to reflect on their activity and after activity to make presentation in the various forms. In higher education, it is important to support learning bridging because students form their self identity and share power and responsibility for their own educational experience through it. And the study on student's learning needs to focus not only on in-class study but also on the relationship organized across the boundary between in-class study and out-of-class activity and learning through bridging learning.


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