Possibilities in Preschool Education of Computerized Communication over a PC Network Using Visual and Auditory Correspondence

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  • 保育におけるPCネットワークを介した絵と音声によるコミュニケーションの可能性
  • ホイク ニ オケル PC ネットワーク オ カイシタ エ ト オンセイ ニ ヨル コミュニケーション ノ カノウセイ

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This study aims at searching for possibilities of computerized communication in preschool education by using visual and auditory correspondence. After much debate and investigation, the need for inter-kindergarten communication was identified. The first step of this experiment was implemented between rooms in a single kindergarten. An interactive electronic billboard system was used so students could use a scanner and microphone to display drawings with recorded voice audio. Through a PC network, children in another room sent back edited pictures and recorded comments. During trial use, praises such as "good," and "well-drawn," encouraged students even if they could not identify the sender. In one case, a cooperative painting was completed when an older child added some drawings to a picture done by a younger child. In conclusion, despite the fact that this method was limited by its use of only visual and auditory communication, it could be an efficient way of communication for preschool students. In addition, there is great potential for further development of computerized communication in preschool education.


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