Production and Evaluation Concerning the Order of Imaginary Lines

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  • イマージナリー・ラインに関する学習の実践と評価 : 高校生の映像制作ワークショップより
  • イマージナリー ライン ニ カンスル ガクシュウ ノ ジッセン ト ヒョウカ コウコウセイ ノ エイゾウ セイサク ワークショップ ヨリ

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An imaginary line, a line that connects two characters in videotaped drama production, is known as one of the principal orders in motion picture production. A violation of the order of the imaginary lines would lead to the audience's confusion about the characters' positional relationship on the screen. The aim of our two-day workshop was to give high school students an opportunity to understand this order of the imaginary lines. The following method was employed: a. Two scripts for dramas, namely Script A and Script B, were given to twenty male and female high school students who had been grouped into four production teams for videotaping the dramas. b. Script "A" was produced by all the teams. They were provided with videotaping equipment but not with any lectures or directions prior to the production from the two participating teachers. c. The lecture on the order of the imaginary lines was given by the teachers before the production of Script B. d. Script B was produced by the same production teams. e. The teachers made a comparison of the two products and evaluated them for the students, so that they could clearly understand the significance of the order. As a result of experiencing videotaping two dramas, one with and the other without prior instruction, the videotaped drama with Script A showed many violations of the order of the imaginary lines, while that with Script B did not. We suppose that our students could learn better about the significance of the order of imaginary lines if they had productive experience twice with the teachers' instruction in between the two productions rather than having been lectured before any productive activity.



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