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Dispatch of senior volunteers who work as Japanese language teachers at rural remote sites of secondary schools in Thailand which use televised education programs and the problems to be solved in the future

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  • タイ国において衛星放送を用いた日本語遠隔教育を支援するシニアボランティアの派遣とその課題
  • タイコク ニ オイテ エイセイ ホウソウ オ モチイタ ニホンゴ エンカク キョウイク オ シエン スル シニアボランティア ノ ハケン ト ソノ カダイ

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Long distance education with the use of televised programs via communication satellite has been used in Thailand since 1995. The key station of the televised program is the Wang Klaikanwong School which is located in Hua Hin, about 240 kilometers south of Bangkok. At this school Japanese language education programs have been conducted with the cooperation of Thai teachers and Japanese volunteer teachers. The education program from Hua Hin can be received anywhere in Thailand and the surrounding area by an ordinary TV set. However, we consider that Japanese language education is not well supported in the rural parts in this country at the present time. Therefore in order to assist the education program in the rural areas, the dispatch of senior volunteers who works as a Japanese language teacher has been tried during the last two academic years (from 2006 to 2007, and from 2007 to 2008). The schools which made use of the dispatched volunteers were four Rajaprajanugroh schools. Two of them are located in Northern Thailand, Pal and Mae Ai, and the rest are in North-east Thailand, Nong Khai and Si Saket. These Rajaprajanugroh Schools usually use televised programs broadcasted from Wang Klaikanwong School. We hope that the dispatch of the senior volunteer teachers will play an important role in mutual understanding for both Japanese and Thai people. It is strongly advised in this study that an arrangement of a support system for volunteer teacher and senior volunteer is necessary and an urgent issue for the success of the dispatch program and distance education in Thailand.



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