Media Literacy Project for Inter Local and Alternative Communication(<Special Issue>Media Literacy Education-Perspectives)

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  • 地域理解のためのメディア・リテラシー実践 : 異文化交流とオルタナティブなコミュニケーション回路構築(<特集>メディア・リテラシー教育の現状と課題)
  • 地域理解のためのメディア・リテラシー実践--異文化交流とオルタナティブなコミュニケーション回路構築
  • チイキ リカイ ノ タメ ノ メディア リテラシー ジッセン イブンカ コウリュウ ト オルタナティブ ナ コミュニケーション カイロ コウチク

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"Mysteries in Asia" is an educational curriculum of cross-cultural communication and media literacy for students from different regions. The curriculum is composed of three stages. That is, (1) making and exchanging "image maps" on their partner's local culture, (2) producing quiz videos about their own local culture in each region, and (3) exchanging those videos as well as answers and opinions on them through the Internet and other electric media. In its Japanese local version, university students are expected to acquire media literacy through actual video production representing their own local culture, which will be transferred to people living in other region. At the same time, they are expected to note necessity and possibility of alternative communication network by realizing the influence as well as limitation of mass media that impose us certain and sometimes problematic local images.


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