Outline of Chinese Media Education

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  • 中国におけるメディア教育の概要
  • 展望 中国におけるメディア教育の概要
  • テンボウ チュウゴク ニ オケル メディア キョウイク ノ ガイヨウ

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In China Mr. Rai proposed using films for teaching purposes he drew up a systematic syllabus based on for quality films from around the world to improve the ability of the students. His proposal was accepted by the Media Education Center under the auspices of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The program commenced in 1995. The number of schools adopting the film program had been increasing all over China. At the 2004 conference, a number of very good practical examples were demonstrated. Some were closely related to media literacy teaching. This report concerns information regarding Chinese media education including the use of films, which I obtained through my working relationship with Mr. Rai.


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