The Demand for Comprehensive Learning in Life-long Learning Facilities : The Chiba City Life-long Learning Center as an Example

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  • 総合的な学習における生涯学習施設利用のニーズ : 千葉市生涯学習センターを例にして
  • ソウゴウテキ ナ ガクシュウ ニ オケル ショウガイ ガクシュウ シセツ リヨウ ノ ニーズ チバシ ショウガイ ガクシュウ センター オ レイ ニ シテ

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether there is a demand for comprehensive learning at the Chiba City Life-long Learning Center, and whether that demand could be met. As a result of this research, the following two points became clear. First, there were demands for research materials, the latest multi-media environment and facility staff. Secondly, these demands could be handled by cooperating with the central library. These results lead to the suggestion that, with a life-long learning facility providing a space which supports comprehensive learning, this space became a foothold for life-long learning.



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