A Qualitative Research for the Structure of Repertoires in Writing about Art

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  • 美術鑑賞文におけるレパートリー構造の質的分析
  • ビジュツ カンショウブン ニ オケル レパートリー コウゾウ ノ シツテキ ブンセキ

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The purpose of this research was to clarify the complexity in the structure of appreciation repertoires ; to examine how students learn repertoires as multiple skills of appreciation in writing about art. An art writing software program was administered to 31 students ranging from junior high school students to graduate students. Each case was analyzed and diagrams were illustrated in light of the characteristics of complex repertoires. This article indicates the variety of repertoires and the developmental characteristics of repertoires themselves. Formation of complex repertoires is considered to be an important step for attaining appreciation repertory proficiency. Furthermore, formation of complex repertories produces context, and develops into deepened quality of appreciation, which in the endo means that appreciation repertories themselves mature.


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