A Study on the REAP (Reviewing Education and Arts Project): Arts Education's Effects on Other Subjects : Harvard Project Zero's Reviewing Arts Education and Academic Achievement and the Concepts of "Transfer of Learning"

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  • プロジェクトREAP:芸術教育が他教科に及ぼす影響に関する研究 : プロジェクト・ゼロの「学習の転移」と芸術教育の見直し
  • プロジェクト REAP ゲイジュツ キョウイク ガ タキョウカ ニ オヨボス エイキョウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ プロジェクト ゼロ ノ ガクシュウ ノ テンイ ト ゲイジュツ キョウイク ノ ミナオシ

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This article systematically verifies the issue whether there is any evidence for the assertion in the study Reviewing Education and the Arts Project by the team led by Ellen Winner under the auspice of Harvard Project Zero that art and music contribute to improve the achievements in other subjects. In this discussion, the following three items were re-evaluated in the relations between arts and other subjects: (1) Does the learning of arts contribute to improve the achievements of other subjects? (2) Relation between the achievements in English class and art, and (3) Does the learning of arts brew creativity? Then, re-evaluated at the results of analysis of music, dance and mathematics. At the result of REAP and based on the information learned in the REAP symposium, this discussion re-evaluated the validity of a series of comments by Winner and the art education conducted in the United States, and examined the justification of art education such as the viewpoint of cognitive psychology from "Transfer of learning" by Project Zero.


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