Sensitivity improvement of a multi cantilever device for straightness measurement using the three-point method

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  • 真直形状測定用 3 点法マルチカンチレバー変位計の高感度化モデルの検討


<p>In this study, we developed a multi cantilever device for straightness measurement using the three point method. This device has three triangular cantilever works as displacement sensors. When the displacement is given at the probe placed at the end of the cantilever, stress arises in the cantilever. Displacement is measured by detecting the stress change using two piezo resistances at the root of the cantilever. This paper presents the results of sensitivity evaluation of improved device models. To improve the sensitivity, we considered the shape to make stress concentration in the strain detecting section of the device, and examined the effects by the finite element method. As a result, it was confirmed that transverse notches on both sides at the root of the cantilever and a rectangular hole between the piezo resisances are effective for sensitivity improvement and crosstalk reduction. Furthermore, we also simulate models of changing thickness of each part and models of changing position of piezo resistance.</p>



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