• Numerical simulation of nozzle geometry of HVOF thermal spray gun On the gas/particle flows


<p>HVOF thermal spray is a technique for forming sprayed coating on substrates by injecting particles after converting combustion gas generated by fuel and oxygen into a supersonic flow by a nozzle. In general, the properties of the coating are greatly influenced by the temperature and the velocity of the particles. In recent years, the demand for HVOF thermal spray to obtain a dense coating is increasing, and establishment of optimal nozzles geometry of HVOF thermal spray gun is required. However, it takes a lot of time and cost to experimentally verify the effect of the nozzle geometry. It is important to improve the efficiency of work by computers. Therefore, in this study, numerical simulation using numerical analysis software OpenFOAM was performed for three kinds of nozzle geometries in order to investigate the effect of nozzle geometry on the flows of combustion gas and particles. By comparing the numerical results, an optimum nozzle geometry is clarified.</p>


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