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Fiber Orientation Dependence of Static Strength of Injection Molded Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

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  • 射出成形カーボン短繊維複合材料の静的強度とその方位依存性


Static characteristics of injection molded carbon short fiber composite material were evaluated. Test specimens cut out from injection molded plates at different angles (0°, 45°, 90°) with the injection direction are tested in static tension and compression at room temperature and 80°C, respectively. In-plane strain field in a gauge part of a specimen is measured using DIC, from which the average strains are calculated. The orientation and temperature dependences of static strength and elastic modulus are identified. The orientation dependence of static strength can adequately be described using the Tsai-Hill failure criterion. The orientation dependence of elastic modulus in the loading direction can be predicted using the orthotropic elasticity theory. The Arrhenius relation is found to be applicable for description of temperature dependence of static strength in tension and compression, respectively.



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