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Fiber Orientation Dependence of Fatigue Life of Injection Molded Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite

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  • 射出成形カーボン短繊維複合材料の疲労強度とその方位依存性


Off-axis static and fatigue strengths of injection molded discontinuous carbon fiber reinforced polyamide (DCF/PA) composites are investigated. Static tension and compression tests are first performed on off-axis specimens of different orientations (0°, 45°, 90°) at different temperatures (RT, 80°C), respectively, to identify the orientation and temperature dependences of the basic mechanical properties of the composites. Then, constant amplitude fatigue tests are carried out at different stress ratios (0.1, 10), respectively. The fatigue test results demonstrate that the fatigue strength depends on fiber orientation in line with the static strength, and fatigue life scatters significantly, especially in the transverse loading. It is suggested that the distribution of fatigue life data can approximately be described by means of a lognormal distribution function.



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