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110 Molecular dynamics based study of the innuence to the fatigue strength of metals by the radiation damage

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  • 110 分子動力学を用いた放射線照射損傷が金属の疲労強度に与える影響に関する研究(OS9 オーガナイズドセッション《計算力学と数値シミュレーション》)


It was reported that the nano- scale voids increase the ductility of the ultrafine grained metallic materials in the certain situation because they enhance the dislocation activity. However, the fatigue strength of the ultrafine grained metallic materials with the nano-scale void has not been well-examined yet. In this study, using the crack models, the mechanical behaviors around crack tip field which contains a nano-scale void in in vicinity under the cyclic loading is studied. Furthermore, influence on the crack propagation due to mutual interaction of the dislocation emitted from the crack tip and the nano-scale void is inspected.



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