Evaluation of Effect of cooling rate on Inelastic Deformation Behavior of Polypropylene Film

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  • ポリプロピレンの非弾性変形挙動に及ぼす冷却速度の影響の評価


<p>The semi-crystalline polymer has complex hierarchical structure. The material composes a two-phase laminar composite structure consisting of the lamella is about several ten nm. During crystallization process, the lamella grows radially and makes a spherical shape structure called as spherulite. The distribution and size of spherulite are closely related to the mechanical property of the semi-crystalline polymer. Therefore, an evaluation of the deformation behavior of the spherulite-distributed microscopic structure is important to know the mechanical property of the material. In this study, effect of thermal history on the crystallization process on the microscopic structure and inelastic deformation behavior is evaluated. Uniaxial tensile tests were performed using PP films and plates with different spheulite structures under constant displacement rate. Distribution of spherulite and relationship between stress and strain were considerably changed by thermal history.</p>


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