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C131 A study of optimal operational planning of residential PEFC system for energy demand scenarios using stochastic programming technique

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  • C131 確率計画法を用いたエネルギー需要シナリオに対する家庭用PEFCシステムの最適運用方策の検討(OS4 省エネルギー・コジェネ・ヒートポンプ(3))


The subject of this study is to plan the operation of residential energy system with uncertain parameters based on ex-ante decision before uncertain parameters are realized. This paper applies a scenario-based stochastic programming framework to the operational planning problem having uncertain energy demand as parameters. Based on predicted energy demand scenarios, the operational strategies, which indicates the prime mover's start-stop status and the level of hot water tank, are decided. The decided operational strategies and realized values of energy demand are input to optimal control problem, which is formulated by dynamic programming. Finally we consider the operational performance of dynamic programming using the decided operational strategies based on predicted demand scenarios. As a result, the proposed stochastic programming framework decided the optimal strategies, and showed that effectiveness.



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