A Numerical Study of Three Dimensional Vortex Behavior of a Side Ported Rotary Engine.

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  • サイドポート給気方式ロータリエンジン作動室内の三次元渦挙動
  • サイドポート キュウキ ホウシキ ロータリ エンジン サドウシツナイ ノ 3ジ

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This numerical study focuses on the three-dimensional vortical structure of a flow field inside a side-ported rotary engine. Since both two-dimensional numerical simulation and experimental visualization methods may not be applicable to side-ported rotary engine where the flow field inside is essentially three-dimensional, the authors have developed a three-dimensional computer simulation code based on the compressible Navier-Stokes equations. A Chakraverthy third-order TVD scheme devised in the code successfully calculates a flow field in a light load region at 3000 rpm, since the macroscopic stroke characteristics show appropriate behaviors. The velocity vector fields alone do not seem to provide fundamental images of the flow fields, thus characteristic vortex tubes are sought. Although it is not easy to extract vortex tubes closely surrounded by the moving boundary walls, they are capable of providing useful information which otherwise may not be given. The shapes and their change in vortex tubes, in fact, refine perspectives on the flow fields, and hence the effects of the intake flow and the rotor motion on the flow structure are well understood.



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