B3 Influence of foot properties on running

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  • B3 足部特性が走動作に及ぼす影響(足部特性,ほか)


In general, foot joint torque is calculated from the ground reaction force obtained from a force plate. However, in order to predict the torque precisely, it has been needed to consider the ground reaction force distribution in the contact area between foot and ground surface, hi this study, we establish a new technique to calculate the metatarsalphalangeal (MP), tarsalmetatarsal (TM) and ankle joint torques from the 3 dimensional ground reaction force distribution obtained from the sensor shoes, which has 6 miniature force sensors in 19 positions. The result explained that the joint torque calculated by the proposed technique could predict more accurate than that calculated by the conventional method, hi comparison of the joint torque components at 19 local positions in the contact area, contributions of the torque components to the joint torque was clarified during stance phase. Furthermore, influence of sole thickness on the joint torques was quantitatively discussed.


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