2A1-B34 Development of Collaborative Research and Education Platform via A Hundred Hour Workshop

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  • 2A1-B34 100時間ワークショップによる融合教育研究プラットフォームの開発


The importance of integrating different discipline of information science and technology is growing for the realization of information system which works robust in real world. Such system should be achieved by integrating super robust algorithm, large-scale dependable network and devices or interfaces which sense and/or actuate in the real world. It is necessary to encourage collaboration among specialists of different disciplines, since it is difficult to cover all area in information science and technology by only one person or group. In order to support collaboration among various kinds of experts, the autonomous collaborative environment for project based learning was developed. The environment comprises the workshop protocol and the community site. The workshop named "A Hundred Hour Workshop" for graduate students who belong to different departments was carried out during summer holidays. The community site named "WS100H.NET" was developed for supporting and analyzing autonomous collaboration process. Novel interdisciplinary technology, fusion of recognition and parallel computation was successfully developed. Collaboration process among the participants was autonomous with minimal facilitation by the tutor in the environment.



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