2A2-C12 Miniaturization of PZT Driver Circuit for Unconstrained Vibrational Pneumatic Poppet Valves

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  • 2A2-C12 振動駆動式無拘束ポペット空気圧弁のための駆動回路の小型化


In this paper, we describe the miniaturization of PZT driver circuits for unconstrained vibrational pneumatic poppet valves. In recent years, we need the valve enough to drive the McKibben actuator for robots. It is important to make drivers for the valves small. We have developed small valves, but our valves need PZT driver circuit. This PZT drivers need to output high voltage square or sine wave for the piezoelectric actuator in the valve because their flow-rate depend on the displacement of the actuator and this displacement depends on the input voltage. As PZT driver components, we apply push-pull circuits with MOS-FETs and LC circuits with coils. The former can output higher voltage depending on MOS-FET's specifications. It is easy to make them smaller because of their simple structure. The latter use coils and it is easy to increase the output voltage to 25 through 100V from 10V input.



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