1A1-C07 Force control of an elastic tendon driven robot arm(Mechanism and Control for Wire Actuation System)

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  • 1A1-C07 大幅に柔軟な腱を用いたロボットアームによる力制御(ワイヤ駆動系の機構と制御)


This paper presents an elastic tendon driven robot arm with its tendon composed of soft rubber strings. Our goal is to expand the field of robotic applications to the welfare robotics and agricultural robotics by the significant elasticity and its potential advantages in cost and safety. This paper describes: (1) the stiffness relationship between the task space and tendon space, from the viewpoint of designing the stiffness at end effector, (2) a force control method based on the static mechanics and force sensor feedback with integral compensation. Experimental evaluations on these control methods are shown.


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