2A1-H08 Walking Ability Estimating System for Elderly Person by Infrared Depth Sensor(Sense, Motion and Measurement (1))

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  • 2A1-H08 赤外線深度センサを用いた高齢者の歩行能力推定システム(感覚・運動・計測(1))


Walking abilities tend to be declined by getting old. The decline of walking ability causes serious problems such as falling down and breaking a bone. Moreover, it sometimes becomes one of the essential factors of death. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a system that estimates their walking abilities by using Kinect, which is an infrared depth sensor for tracking skeleton model of a user. Based on the information of skeleton model, the system analyzes elemental indices such as walking speed and step length. Then it estimates a decline of walking ability, which is used for detecting the signs of falling in the early stages.


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