1A1-M01 Alcohol Spraying Assistance System for Mass-Cooking Facilities(Integrating Ambient Intelligence)

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  • 1A1-M01 大量調理施設のためのアルコール消毒支援システムの提案(空間知)


In this paper we propose alcohol spraying assistance system for reducing food-poisoning cases. The proposed system recognizes progress of cooking by using sensor devices attached on cooking tools. Weight measuring device consists of three force sensors recognizes chopping board's laid on it and cutting actions of ingredients by measuring the additional weight changes. Switching device installed in electric spray activation button recognizes if appropriate alcohol spraying is conducted or not. Water current measuring device installed under the sink of kitchen recognizes if kitchen tools are washed or not. By using this information, the proposed system judges if the appropriate disinfection is conducted. If not, the system warms a user via voice.


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