1P1-B03 Watch-over Assist System for Elderly using Ubiquitous Sensors and Behavioral Analysis : Overview of developed Prototype System(Welfare Robotics and Mechatronics (2))

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  • 1P1-B03 ユビキタスセンサと行動解析を用いた高齢者の見守り支援システム : プロトタイプシステムの開発概要(福祉ロボティクス・メカトロニクス(2))


This paper describes the outline of a new "watch over assist system", which helps to prevent elderly to become bed-ridden, by promptly recognizing falling and simultaneously notifying to persons who give care. The system is featured by 1) Real-time falling detection by using low-cost temperature distribution sensors, 2) Walking gait feature sensing by using low-cost active infrared sensor, 3) Life pattern detection and behavioral analysis by using ubiquitous sensors, 4) Stuffed toy-like bi-directional friendly user interface for elderly persons.


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