1A1-U04 Evaluation of high-accuarcy positioning link mechanism using singular configuration(Manufacturing System and Manufacturing Machinery Mechatronics)

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  • 1A1-U04 特異姿勢を利用した高精度位置決め機構の精度検証実験(生産システム・生産機器メカトロニクス)


We have proposed high accuracy linear positioning mechanism using singular configuration of manipulator. First, we proposed basic mechanism using singular configuration. After that, we developed linear positioning mechanism based on the basic mechanism. By analysis of the theoretical precision of the mechanism, we show the mechanism can do positioning more accurately and speedy than simple crank slider mechanism and linear actuator. In this paper, we confirm the accuracy by peg-in-hole experiment. In this experiment, we have realized high-accurate positioning with high-speed motion between two holes.


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