Control system and gravity compensation method of the elastic tendon-driven robot arm considering tendon nonlinearity

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  • 腱の非線形性を考慮した弾性腱駆動ロボットアームの制御システムと重力補償


<p>This paper discusses on the control system and stability of the marionette style elastic tendon driven robot arm. The idea of this robot arm is a light weighted and easily customizable structure by using low-cost materials for the links and tendons. Due to the lower rigidity of the positioning action through tendons, positioning error when carrying an unknown load is an important issue. In this paper, we show an iterative compensation method of the gravity force, based on the static relation of forces. A criterion of the error reduction, considering the nonlinearity of the tendon elasticity. Experimental results using a prototype robot arm are shown to demonstrate the basic behavior, and confirm the proposed gravity compensation method.</p>


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