"Fortune-telling & Charms" and Young Girls : From an Analysis of My Birthday

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  • 「占い・おまじない」と少女 : 雑誌『マイバースデイ』の分析から
  • 「 ウラナイ ・ オマジナイ 」 ト ショウジョ : ザッシ 『 マイバースデイ 』 ノ ブンセキ カラ

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This paper aims to make clear that "fortune-telling & charms," being popular among young girls in the 1980's in Japan, helped them to cope effectively with conflicts often taking place in establishing their relationships, especially in schools. For this purpose, I have analyzed articles in My Birthday, a representative fortune-telling magazine. It was said that "fortune-telling & charms," a part of "magic-religious popular culture" in the 80's, had worked as a map to help girls understand their standpoint and relationship with others, and My Birthday was taken in the same way. But as a result of analyzing in detail the articles in My Birthday, it has been found out that "fortune-telling & charms" have not only given girls a "map" as mentioned above, but also helped them to convert school into a place for training to construct relationships, by giving a mystic meaning to the process of adopting. It is also clear that My Birthday helped girls to create a loose community of their own.


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