Citizen Participation in CATV


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  • CATVにおける住民参加について


Citizen participation is defined in comparison with broadcasting in general as follows: In CATV the residents in particular areas express as receivers their opinions mainly about programs to the sender' and demand their realization or behave toward it. The necessity for participation lies in the fact that first from receiver's point of view they promote their interest in self-government and self-learning according to socials changes and complication and require adequated informations produced by sender. Second from sender's point of view it is needed to have residents pay increasing attention to programs and to have them keep close relation with sender for the sake of sound development of CATV in the areas. The grade and content of participation differ from the management which is under munucipality or private enterprises. CATV in munucipality will inevitably adopt active policies for citizen participation from the standpoint of self-government but CATV of private enterprises such as companies will be negative against it because of having to get into black business first of all. The forms of citizen participation have recently become manifold and may be divided into two broad categories; namely inside participation and outside. And the former contains three subcategories, that is, management participation, program participation and outside-program participation. Their problems are respectively discussed in this report and the importance is especially expressed to judge the content of citizen participation by the substance itself, not by the mere face of it. The more opened the opportunities for receiver to participate is, the more cautious consideration must be paid to the effect on them.



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