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Design of the Instructional System with the Usage of the Hypermedia Learning Material : Case Study of the Environmental Education Unit "Man and Forest"


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  • ハイパーメディア教材利用時の授業システム : 単元「人と森林」の設計・実施・評価を通じて
  • ハイパーメディア キョウザイ リヨウジ ノ ジュギョウ システム タンゲン ヒ

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There are two main streams in the recent researches on the learning with hypermedia; one is the development of the hypermedia learning material, and the other is the development of the instructional systems marked with usage of hypermedia. The latter is drived from the research on the media-mix design of the instructional systems, and in that reseach & development context we have proposed some sorts of unit models which consist of many kinds of media(hypermedia, TV, text, and so on). But these models are rough ones in the level of the activity flow. In this research project, in order to develop the detail design of the instructional systems with hypermedia, we have described, analyzed and evaluated the lesson in which children worked with the hypermedia learning materials. We have designed a unit of the instructional system marked with the usage of hypermedia learning material "Man & Forest," and practiced it in the class of the 5th grade students in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Pref., in 1991. They were divided into 5 groups and each group learned about the deforestation and reforestation using that material. It took 60 minutes. Our data collection methods are as follows: (1)For the purpose of clarifying the premises of the design; We checked the children's understanding of forests with the achievement test before the units started. We also interviewed the teacher about the children's personality. In addition, we described the lesson in detail by the participant observation. (2)To examine the effect of the learning with the hypermedia learning material; We have analyzed the sheets in which children wrote what they had learned with the material. From the result, we have proposed some design rules of the instructional systems with hypermedia as the multimedia database; (1)There are a few premises for using the hypermedia learning material; small-group activity and children's free access to the material for collecting the cases. (2)The important points that we have to consider when we design the instructional systems are organizing groups of different kinds of members, assigning enough time for children to use the hypermedia learning material and presenting the sub-material as the learning model.



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