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Public Character in Cable Television


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  • ケーブルテレビの公共性
  • ケーブル テレビ ノ コウキョウセイ

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The majority of cables in Japan are laid on a medium or small-scale, that is a trend of cables in the long run and they are mostly only rebroadcasting. The cables which broadcast for themselves are comparatively few yet, but self-broadcasting is specially characteristic of cables with relation to the areas. What programs can cables produce as selfbroadcasting and what part can they play to the areas? These problems are considered from the point of public character in this paper. Public (municipal) cables do their part as administration media. Here public character in cables means that it concerns for all residents in the area, for fair services to them and for contribution to their life. The contents of self-broadcasting programs which public cables produce are classified as follows: public informations, life activities, areas, industries, self-government, education, culture, tastes and recreations. First of all, the programs concerning self-government shows the remarkable and important feature of public cables. The programs relaying from local assembly and committee, suggest that residents should indirectly participate in self-government. Also there is a public access program. Residents freely take part in programming and appear on the stage. The programs contain mainly various music and sports and become a target of residents' interest. Furthermore if they discuss the problems concerning their life areas in the program, cables would be useful to put right the ill effect involved in one-sided administration. Education and culture programs have always a audience rating of high level. A growing interest in school education and a strong desire for self-teaching of residents, are showed everywhere and so public cables need to furnish them with the chance and place for meeting their wishes. Therefore it is desired for cables to make social institutions of education join actively and also to make men of talent who can give date and advices, participate willingly. And in coporation with it the research into the residents opinion, taste, and concern, and the firm grasp of their trends are necessary. Residents participation in commercial cables is welcomed as well as in public cables. Even in the programs sponsored by enterprise, their activities on culture and social welfare would promote the affluence of social life. Some commercial cables produce the programs with theme of cultural goods and events of the year in the areas and those programs are widely used in other cables. City-type cables which have many channels of self-broadcasting, provide children the programs of juvenile play and provide adults with the ones of science, arts and taste respectively. In reality commercial cables have many problems difficult to solve in self-broadcasting but they must establish their own position in area by demonstrating fully their public character mentioned above.



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