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Development and Assessment of a Material of Road Safety Education Using Hypermedia

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  • ハイパーメディアによる交通安全教育用教材の開発と評価
  • ハイパーメディア ニ ヨル コウツウ アンゼン キョウイクヨウ キョウザイ ノ

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Hypermedia makes it possible for learners to explore interactive multimedia instructional systems. That is because hypermedia has the features as follows; (1) Information is stored in every mode like text, video and audio (2) Every information is linked mutually (3) Information can be randomly accessed (4) Information is divided into small pieces (5) Information is interactively displayed on a computer monitor. We have developed a Hypermedia system about Road Safety Education for 4th grade students. That is provided the five features above. In the system we experimented two main ideas concerning links and interactivity. One is to build a menu system which makes it possible for students to expore in large amount of information without losing their way. The other is to design a link structure so that the learner can access to the information they have just learned once again when they can not get it (repeat function). Throughout the unit named "How can we avoid traffic accident?", students wrote down what they have learned, and after the session using hypermedia we made them fill out a questionnaire. With these written materials we analyzed how they learned with the system and assessed the system. The result is that the system worked well as a whole. In detail we should point out three aspects. The first is that the learner succeeded in understanding the content of the total meaning of the information stored in the system despite the fact that the information was divided into small pieces. The second is that they learned better under the condition where they were familiar with. The system provided three courses named "about pedestrian", "about bicycle" and "about automobile." The students who learned "about pedestrian" course understood well. The third is that the repeat function helped the understanding of the students greatly.


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