A Study Computer Anxiety for Teachers : The Measurement of Computer Anxiety Scale for Teachers

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  • 教師自身のコンピュータ不安に関する研究 : 教師版コンピュータ不安検査の開発
  • キョウシ ジシン ノ コンピュータ フアン ニ カンスル ケンキュウ キョウシ

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We developed Computer Anxiety Scale for Teachers(CAST) which consisted of 37 questionnare to be answered by 4 rating scale method, based on the research of the Computer Anxiety Scale for Junior High School Students (developed by ARAKI. N., & YANO. Y., 1991: CA SJ). This test includes 7 items inquiring for active interests in computers. The purpose of this study was to verify the reliability and validity in order to standardize this scale. A total subjects were 221 teachers. The results of an item analysis showed that the reliability of the questionnaire was high. A principal component analysis of the 30 items about computer anxity with varimax rotations, yielded the following welldefined four factors. 1) worry for adjustments to computer operation. 2) fear of failure accompanied by computer operation. 3) sense of resistance and tension about computer operation. 4) sense of fatigue and strain accompanied by computer operation. Furthermore, CAST obtained low correlation with the scores of active interest item in computer(r=-0.227) and moderate correction with the score of acquirements of computer operation (r=-0.431). It is the general tendency among teachers that the active interest in computer for high anxiety group is lower than low anxiety group.


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