The Neoconservatives and the Religious Right : A Public-Philosophical Comparison

  • FUJIMOTO Ryuji

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  • ネオコンと宗教右派 : 公共哲学的観点による比較
  • ネオコン ト シュウキョウ ウハ コウキョウ テツガクテキ カンテン ニ ヨル ヒカク

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The Neoconservatives and the Religious Right are said to be responsible for presenting views of the world that provided the reasoning to move forward with the Iraqi War. In a climate where opinions that contest the Iraqi War continue to grow, will the views of the world presented by both groups completely lose their persuasiveness in the future? The point of issue regarding the Neoconservatives and the Religious Right has thus been to gauge the amount of influence the two groups actually have on the Bush administration. However, in attempting to provide a credible answer to such a question, first, the question of how much influence they have on the American public in general needs to be addressed. Therefore I compare both from a public philosophical point of view. The purpose of this paper is to demarcate the range of influence that these two views of the world has had, and to deduce the conditions for constructively criticizing the two groups. Chapters One and Two attempt to define the views of the world that the Religious Right and the Neoconservatives, respectively, draw out. Then, in Chapter Three, the two world views are compared to point out both the similarities and the differences. Finally, a way to constructively criticize the two groups is proposed.


  • Religion and Society

    Religion and Society 13 (0), 51-73, 2007

    The Japanese Association for the Study of Religion and Society


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