Motivational Influences Surrounding Secondary School EFL Students

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The purpose of the present study is to provide implications on how teachers can make students be more motivated in EFL learning outside the classroom. For this purpose, the present study focuses on; 1) the construct of motivational influences on English learning outside the classroom perceived by 1,141 Japanese secondary school students of EFL; 2) the relationship between these influences and students' English proficiency levels; and 3) teachers' perception of these motivational influences. A questionnaire was administered to obtain the factors for motivational influences which affected the students' motivation for English learning outside the classroom. Through the factor analysis, six factors were found. The results of correlation and MANOVA analyses showed that each factor was found to be more or less related to students' English proficiency levels. These findings were then compared with EFL teachers' perception obtained through interviews. The comparisons suggested that there existed some discrepancies between the empirical realities and the teachers' perception. Implications of these findings are then discussed.


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