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The Philosophy and Activities of Jigoro Kano in the Bid to Host the 12_<th> Olympic Games in Tokyo(Eighty Year History of the Tokyo Olympics and the Media : Rethinking its History as a Reflection of Contemporary Japan after the 3.11 Earthquake)


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  • 第12回オリンピック競技大会(1940年)の東京招致に関わる嘉納治五郎の理念と活動(<特集>「東京オリンピックの80年史」とメディア-3.11以降の現代を逆照射する)
  • 第12回オリンピック競技大会(1940年)の東京招致に関わる嘉納治五郎の理念と活動
  • ダイ12カイ オリンピック キョウギ タイカイ(1940ネン)ノ トウキョウ ショウチ ニ カカワル カノウチゴロウ ノ リネン ト カツドウ

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This paper aims to shed light on the philosophy and activities of Jigoro Kano, the Japanese IOC member who oversaw the successful bid to hold the 1940 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Tokyo was chosen to host the twelfth Olympic Games at the 1936 IOC Session held in Berlin. At the time, Japan had withdrawn from the League of Nations and was becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the world; in addition, it took nearly 20 days to travel from Europe to Japan, which would have been agonizing for European athletes. The reason why Kano's bid for the Olympic Games won despite such difficulties was because IOC members supported his view of the Tokyo Olympics, namely that the Olympics could lead to the creation of a truly global culture only if the Games were held in Asia. Jigoro Kano aimed to contribute to world peace through physical exercise, as shown in his 1922 declaration that physical and mental training were required as part of efforts to eliminate racial prejudices, to improve culture, and to achieve prosperity for all nations. However, for Tokyo's Olympic Committee members, the principal reasons for holding the Olympic Games in Tokyo were to contribute to improving physical conditions for the Japanese people guarding the home front as well as to publicize to the rest of the world the Japanese spirit of global unification represented by the Manchurian Incident. Their understanding differed greatly from Jigoro Kano's view of the Olympic Games.


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