Proposal of Validation method for Risk Assessment in Risk based Testing(<Special Issue>Project Quality and Customer Satisfaction)

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  • リスクベースドテストにおけるリスク分析の妥当性評価手法の提案(<特集>プロジェクトの品質と顧客満足)
  • リスクベースドテストにおけるリスク分析の妥当性評価手法の提案
  • リスクベースドテスト ニ オケル リスク ブンセキ ノ ダトウセイ ヒョウカ シュホウ ノ テイアン

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Risk-based testing is the technique that quantifies risks of functions and attributes under test to reduce test cases reasonably according to the risk degree. However, there is a possibility that if risk assessment ends in failure it lead to bad quality by reducing test cases. So we considered the method to evaluate validation for risk assessment in a statistical way such as multiple regression analysis. Then we applied the validation method to an actual project. We summarized its efforts in this paper.


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