Effects of Black Substances in Crude Black Sugar on Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism of Rats

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  • 黒砂糖中の黒色物質の糖および脂質代謝に及ぼす影響
  • クロザトウチュウ ノ コクショク ブッシツ ノ トウ オヨビ シシツ タイシャ

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It was found that high sugar diets induced an elevation in serum levels of triglyceride and insulin in rats by the oral administration for 2 months. When black substances isolated from crude black sugar were orally administered to rats with the high sugar diets, such elevation was not observed. In addition to these effects, black substances were found to reduce serum lipid peroxide. Black substances were found to inhibit absorption of glucose in the rat small intenstine. Therefore, it was suggested that the effect of black substances on hyperlipemia in rats fed with the high sugar diets might be partly attributable to an inhibition of glucose absorption in the small intenstine.



    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 102 (7), 666-669, 1982

    The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

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