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Flame Propagation along a Linear Array of Liquid Fuel Droplets under Micro-Gravity Condition. 1st Report. Inter-Droplet Flame Propagation Mode Map.

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  • 微小重力下での直線燃料液滴列に沿った火炎伝ぱ 第1報  液滴間火炎伝ぱ様式マップの作成
  • ビショウ ジュウリョク カ デ ノ チョクセン ネンリョウ エキテキレツ ニ ソッタ カエンデンパ ダイ1ポウ エキテキ カン カエンデンパヨウシキ マップ ノ サクセイ

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Useful insight into the flame propagation characteristics of sprays may be derived from the study of flame spreading phenomena along a linear array of liquid fuel droplets under micro-gravity condition. Depending on the kind of fuel, droplet size, inter-droplet distance and ambient gas condition, various flame propagation modes will be excited. In the present report, a map of flame propagation modes is proposed through simple physical consideration, thus preparing for the detailed analyses of flame propagation characteristics which will be conducted in the following two reports. It is found that there are three modes in which the expansion of diffusion flame formed around the frontal burning droplet plays an important role for the ignition of next droplet.


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