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Numerical Analysis of Two Solid Particles Lifted by Shock-Induced Flow

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  • 衝撃波流れにより上昇する2固体粒子の数値解析
  • ショウゲキハ ナガレ ニ ヨリ ジョウショウスル 2 コタイ リュウシ ノ スウチ カイセキ

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In the present study, motions of two small solid particles, which are lifted by the shock-induced flow behind a propagating shock wave, are numerically simulated to investigate the dynamic characteristics from the viewpoint of direct and indirect interactions between the two particles. The particle Reynolds number is 6 000, and the time period considered ranges from the time when the shock passes the particles to the time when the boundary layer thickness grows to the same order as the particle size. Three cases are considered for their initial arrangement on the wall. In the first case, they are placed tandem, aligned with the direction of shock propagation. Results show that they are lifted up, keeping contact each other. In the second case, they are seperated by three times as large as the particle size. As a result, the rear particle is lifted higher because the flow before the rear particle has been changed by the front particle. In the third case, they are placed in the spanwise direction. They are also lifted by the shock-induced flow, increasing the separation distance between them due to repulsive fluid force. In these three cases, the average height of two particles becomes larger than that in the case of one particle alone, which was studied in the previous work.


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