Aeroacoustic Simulation around a Rectangular Cylinder on the Ground Surface

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  • 地面板上の角柱から発生する空力音の計算
  • ジメンバン ジョウ ノ カクチュウ カラ ハッセイ スル クウリキオン ノ ケイサン

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A method for aeroacoustic simulation, where the acoustic equations are split from the flow equations, is applied to calculate the acoustic field with a large solid surface. The acoustic equations employed here in this study can treat not only far fields, but also near fields. Specifically, the acoustic field around a rectangular cylinder on the ground surface is calculated. The calculation method is the finite volume method with the fourth order WENO scheme for values of the solution vector at cell interface as well as the two-stage Runge-Kutta scheme as time integration. This numerical method has been verified to provide reasonable results in complex acoustic fields. Comparison with experimental data shows that the acoustic field can be well predicted by the present method. Furthermore, the source location of acoustic waves is examined by visualizing the propagation path of those waves.


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