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The effect of higher modes of body-bending on the vertical vibration of a bogie car and the applicability of the 1-mode approximation method to the analysis.

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  • ボギー車の車体上下曲げ振動解析における高次モードの影響と単一モード近似法の適用性
  • ボギーシャ ノ シャタイ ジョウゲ マゲ シンドウ カイセキ ニ オケル コウ

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The body-bending vibration of a bogie car is analyzed with two calculation models : one the exact model based on the theory of beam and the other the 1-mode approximation model in which only the fundamental mode is taken into consideration. First, the frequency responses calculated with the two models are compared to investigate the effects of the higher bending modes on the whole vertical vibration of the car body. These car body acceleration curves are transformed to the acceleration PSD through a formulated track irregularity PSD and compared with field test data to verify the calculation models. Then, the applicability of the conventional 1-mode approximation model to the quantitative examination is estimated in the range up to 100 Hz, where 4 modes of the car body bending are included.


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