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Vertical body-bending vibration of a bogie car running at high speed. Effects of averaged track roughness due to the length between the trucks.

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  • 高速で走行するボギー車の車体上下曲げ振動 台車間隔による軌道不整量平均化の影響
  • コウソク デ ソウコウスル ボギーシャ ノ シャタイ ジョウゲ マゲ シンドウ

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The running vibration of a bogie car is considerably affected by its operation speed. This paper describes the results of a calculation analysis on the vertical vibration of a Shinkansen electric car at the speed range up to 510 km/h, assuming a drastic speed-up of the Shinkansen. The vibration of each natural modes, except the body-bending mode, tends to increase uniformly with the operation speed. The vibration of the first body-bending mode varies greatly due to the averaging effects of the track roughness through the length between truck centers in the car, and it deteriorates the riding comfort further in the speed ranges near 270 km/h and higher than 450 km/h. As an example, the flexural rigidity of the car body is examined to determine countermeasures suitable for 270 km/h operation.


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