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Experiment on Chaotic Oscillations of a Post-Buckled Reinforced Beam Constrained by an Axial Spring.

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  • 軸方向弾性拘束を受ける座屈後補強はりのカオス振動の実験
  • ジク ホウコウ ダンセイ コウソク オ ウケル ザクツゴ ホキョウハリ ノ カ

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Experimental results are presented on chaotic oscillations of a reinforced beam subjected to lateral excitations. The beam is partially reinforced with boxed-type stringers. The beam is clamped at both ends on a base frame. One end of the beam is arranged to move to an axial displacement by attachment to an elastic spring. The beam is deformed to a post-buckled configuration by the axial constraint. Under the post-buckled condition of the beam, chaotic responses are generated in specified regions of exciting frequency. A response is expected from a system with a lower degree of freedom. The chaotic responses are analyzed by the Fourier spectrum, the Poincare section and the maximum Lyapunov exponent. It is found that the chaos of the beam is generated with the fundamental mode of vibration. Chaotic response includes the resonance modes both of a higher lateral vibration and of an axial vibration. The Poincare projections of the chaos show clearly the stretching-and-folding mechanism of the chaos attractor. The instability boundary of the chaos is obtained in the plane of exciting frequency and amplitudes of excitation.



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