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Measurement of Water Level and Slant Angle Using Sound Signal.

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  • 音響信号を利用した液面レベルと傾斜角度の測定
  • オンキョウ シンゴウ オ リヨウシタ エキメン レベル ト ケイシャ カクド

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The most popular fuel level measuring method presently in use employs a float and a resistor plate. This float follws the fluctuations of the fuel surface in an automobile fuel tank. A new accurate measurement of the variation of the cavity volume in the fuel tank has been investigated. This sensor is composed of a speaker, microphone and three Helmholtz resonators. This method detects the level and slant angle of the fuel surface. The sound frequency obtained experimentally is compared with the calculation result of the frequency found by the theoretical analysis in which the cavity system is connected with three Helmholtz resonators. This method of measuring the volume is applicable to measuring the fluctuating fuel surface in an automobile fuel tank.



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