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Method of Detecting Number of Sheets Using Sound. 4th Report, Theoretical Analysis Including Acoustic Characteristics of Cloth.

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  • 音響を利用したシートの枚数検出法  第4報 布の音響特性を導入した音響系の解析
  • オンキョウ オ リヨウシタ シート ノ マイスウ ケンシュツホウ ダイ 4ホウ

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This paper deals with the development of a new method for detecting the number of cloth. It is necessary to detect one or plural number of sheets to avoid mishandling. This detecting sensor utilizes the variation of the phase of transfer function within entire acoustic system. The impedance of sheets varies with the number of sheets. Characteristic acoustic impedance and complex wave number define the material peculiar and the most fundamental characteristic. It is useful for the detection of the number of cloth to know characteristic impedance of cloth. So that, we tried to measure characteristic impedance and wave number. The measured impedance of sheets by transfer function method was introduced into theoretical analysis. The results of experiments and theoretical analysis show fairly good coincidence.


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