On Problem of Respite Care Services Provision Appeared from Investigation to Cross Home Caregivers' Daily-Care-Stresses and Use Effect of Respite Care Services


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  • 家族介護者の介護負担感とショートステイサービス利用効果の横断的調査からみたショートステイサービスの課題
  • 家族介護者の介護負担感とショートステイサービス利用効果の横断的調査からみたショートステイサービスの課題 : 要介護高齢者の地域居住を支える介護事業所のあり方に関する研究(第2報)
  • カゾクカイゴシャ ノ カイゴフタンカン ト ショートステイサービス リヨウ コウカ ノ オウダンテキ チョウサ カラ ミタ ショートステイサービス ノ カダイ : ヨウカイゴコウレイシャ ノ チイキ キョジュウ オ ササエル カイゴジギョウショ ノ アリカタ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ(ダイ2ホウ)
  • ―要介護高齢者の地域居住を支える介護事業所のあり方に関する研究 (第2報)―
  • — A Study on the Way Forward Nursing Home to Create a Sense of Community for Frail Elderly People (Part 2) —

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Respite care services are support care services. These can include a provision for short-term care for frail elderly people in nursing homes. This type of service helps home caregivers to reduce what could be described as ‘care fatigue’. <br>  In this study, I analyze two investigations (from 1999 and 2011) about home caregivers. And I consider the subject of respite care services and how they can be developed in order to support the community lives of both home caregivers and the elderly. <br>  Home caregivers are able to rest, physically and mentally, by taking advantage of respite care services. And, because of this, caregivers are able to continue with home care, and to participate in social activities. However, there is a drawback. When the elderly spend several days in a nursing home, their mind-and-body level may go into decline. The decline of their physical and mental health may result in increased pressure on home caregivers. <br>  In other words, although the present respite care services can provide home caregivers with rest in the short term, it could also lead to some home caregivers giving up home caring in the long run. Therefore, respite care services require respite for home caregivers, and special care for the elderly. Furthermore, respite care services require that the services provided are managed in accordance with the situation of home caregivers and the elderly.


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