Characteristics of Broiling over Charcoal (Part 2) Flavor of Food Broiled over Charcoal

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  • 炭焼き加熱特性の解析(第2報)炭焼き食品のにおいの検討
  • スミヤキ カネツ トクセイ ノ カイセキ ダイ2ホウ スミヤキ ショクヒン ノ ニオイ ノ ケントウ
  • Flavor of Food Broiled over Charcoal
  • 炭焼き食品のにおいの検討

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It is generally claimed that charcoal is a good heat source for roasting foods. We broiled chicken with several different heat sources (charcoal, gas burner, gas-heated broiling plate and electric heater). A sensory test, flavor analysis of the cooked chicken and analysis of burnt gas from the heat source were carried out. Chicken broiled over charcoal gained higher scores in the sensory test for flavor and total palatability than chicken broiled over other heat sources. An Electronic Nose analysis showed that there was difference in the flavor pattern of broiled chicken according to the heat sources used for cooking. A GC-MS analysis showed that the volatile compounds from chicken broiled over charcoal contained higher proportions of pyrazines and pyrroles, and a lower proportion of aldehydes than from those cooked over the broiling plate. The burnt gas from the charcoal contained higher proportions of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, and a lower proportion of oxygen than that from the broiling plate heated with gas.


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