A Design Method of MI-MO I-PD Preview Control System with Partial Model Matching Techniques.

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  • 部分的モデルマッチング手法による多入出力I‐PD予見制御系の設計
  • ブブンテキ モデル マッチング シュホウ ニ ヨル タニュウシュツリョク I PD ヨケン セイギョケイ ノ セッケイ

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In this study, we propose a design method of preview control action for I-PD control system pre-designed with the partial model matching techniques. An optimal preview servo system is used as the model for matching. The proposed control system is decoupled and has similar properties to the optimal preview servo system in spite of using simple control rule. We also propose how to determine the number of preview steps to reduce the steady-state velocity error for ramp reference input. The effectiveness of the proposed method is examined through three numerical simulations.



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