Behaviour of Part Flow in High Precision Assembly Production System Considering Machining Error and Measuring Error A Case of High Precision Relay Production System.

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  • 加工誤差と測定誤差を考慮した高精度組立生産システムの部品物流挙動解析  高精度リレー組立生産の場合
  • カコウ ゴサ ト ソクテイ ゴサ オ コウリョ シタ コウセイド クミタテ セイサン システム ノ ブヒン ブツリュウ キョドウ カイセキ コウセイド リレー クミタテ セイサン ノ バアイ

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In this paper we investigate the effects of part machining and measuring errors on the production efficiency of a high quality relay produdion system applied a 'Matching method'. In this method assembly errors occurred by part machining errors are adjusted by reprocessing parts using tools selected according to the assembly errors. At first, we build the part's flow model and analyze the effects of part machining and measuring accuracies on the production efficiency. Next, we analyze the effects of other system parameters on the efficiency and propose a method to increase the efficiency. Results show that the improvement of measuring accuracy and the enlargement of assembly error range within which each tool can reprocess are useful to increase the efficiency. But the improvement of machining accuracy and the increase of number of tools are not useful. The proposed method using additional tools is useful to increase the efficiency and there are optimal assembly error ranges for the additional tools to reprocess.


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